2021/22 Kia Sportage: already?

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I guess it is time for an all-new Kia Sportage. Even though it really doesn’t need a new design at all.

I think the Sportage is still one of the best compact Crossover out there. (the red one above) It also has a very good and modern powertrain.

Just like I think the alll new Honda Civic I posted yesterday isn’t really needed right now.

Except, unlike the Civic, the current Sportage isn’t a big hit for Kia. With “only” about 89 000 of them sold last year. I guess the next one will be roomier, to better compete with the ever-growing CR-V and RAV-4.

From the spy shots, it also looks like the Sportage will adopt a very different profile. The current one with that “squared-off” rear side window has been around since the previous generation (And still looks great)

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  1. The current design is just a face lift of a much older design. Yes, it is time for a new one. Remember, if the Hyundai Tucson will be new, its Kia twin must be all new.

  2. The Sportage hasnt been redesigned since 2011 model. Bout time they redesigned that greenhouse after a decade.

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