2022 Buick Encore: finally a new one on the way.

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As we know, the new Encore GX is not a replacement for the aging “regular” Encore, but a slightly larger and more expensive model. The one pictured above is. The current Encore is now 8 years old. And was basically a US version of the previous generation Opel Mokka.

The new design already look sleeker and more modern. The rumored engine is the same 3 cylinder 1.3 Liter engine used in the larger Encore GX. 

I guess we maihg tlao see a Chevrolet version of this a bit later, replaing the current Trax (?)

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  1. No way can that be the regular Encore. Look at the side profile and the amount of space behind the rear door/above the rear wheels. It's bigger than the Encore GX! You can also see a third side window hidden behind the camo. It actually looks to very closely resemble the new Chevy Tracker that is available elsewhere in the world: https://gmauthority.com/blog/2020/05/gm-announces-all-new-chevrolet-tracker-for-mexico/

    I'd wager it's actually a Buick that would slot between the Encore GX and new Envision, perhaps for the U.S. or for other parts of the world.

  2. Hmm. I do see what you mean about the Tracker.
    But the pix here already show a different hood, lights, and grille. Also, the profile is not the same. The grille details we can see do look like a Buick.
    The link you posted mentioned the Tracker would replace the Trax in Mexico. This could be a Buick version of that car (Glass and mirrors look really similar) And a Buick version of the Trax replacement would actually still replace the Encore.

  3. This is simply the new "regular" Encore sold in China… Same doors, same mirrors, same tail lights, same everything. They simply have decided to homologate it for North America, perhaps.

  4. They should inform the dealers in the states who have no freakin clue. The Buick sales mgrs in the Midwest are adamant that the Encore is dead. Perhaps they are lying to force GX sales – deceit is nothing new. Very cheaply-made overpriced cars. I drove a 2018 model for 2 yrs and the plastic pieces that made-up the flimsy arm rest and center console, popped-out like a fast food toy. Terrible driver blind spot. Entire rear-to-side bumper separates as driving jiggles it apart – Buick Service mgr said "Yep, they all do that – we might be able to snap it back in – if not, it will just hang a little loose."

  5. The Encore was a surprise bestseller for Buick dealers for the last 8 years. Unsurprisingly management did nothing to upgrade it. Another reason GM is losing market share on a continuing basis. If they had done a mid-market refresh are you getting typical safety features even cheap Korean Brands were doing like Lane change or adaptive cruise control they would have had my money. Someone is not really minding the store. By the way, the reason it's a best-seller is simply price any older couple walking to Buick Ed virtually no other choice for a car costing $20,000 especially since the Verano and the Regal are too small for an elderly couple to try actually Bend then get into

  6. You’re absolutely right; which is the cousin of the Tracker I posted above…so that makes perfect sense!

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