2022 Genesis EV: a small luxury hatchback?

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This all-new Genesis Electric model will share its platform with the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 45. And the new Kia version as well. 
While the Hyundai will have its design inspired by what Giugiaro/Ital Design was doing for the brand back in the ’70s and early 80’s (What the Concept 45 was in the 1st place), the Kia version will be “slightly” inspired by recent concepts.
But I am not sure what this Genesis model will be like at all. It almost looks weird.
Too small and ungainly to be from a luxury brand.
I suspect this might be for Europe, and might not make it to the US. Since Hyundai/Kia will already have a few EVs for our market.
Apparently, Genesis is supposed to launch in Europe, maybe as soon as next year. The G80, G90 sedans, and GV80 SUV are really big cars for the European market. (I don’t think they’ll even bother selling the G90 over there…)
The upcoming GV70 will be a perfect size. So is the G70 sedan. And especially the upcoming G70 sport wagon.
But the EV pictured here will be perfect for Europe. Where small electric hatchback are now being offered by almost every manufacturer these days.
What do you think? Will we ever see this small hatchback Genesis EV in the US?

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  1. Small size vehicles and discounts at the register are the quickest way to downgrade a "luxury" brand. Can you imagine the "stigma" of buying a small "luxury" car, because you could not afford a bigger size? It demolishes the ego.

  2. Harry, the cities in America are just fine. Leave your Trumpism politics off this website please.

  3. I would be interesting in knowing more about this model and how it differs from Hyundai 45 and the Kia version other than luxury features.

  4. This Genesis is based on the Hyundai Concept45 which has the wheelbase measuring 118.1 inches. It is longer than the Palisade SUV's wheelbase.

  5. Regarding Harry's deleted comment. It should not have been posted in the first place and I will be more careful next time. This is NOT a political site.
    You guys have no idea the amount of political, racist, inflammatory, insulting, or just plain rude posts I delete every day.

    Again, this is not a political or racist site. This is about cars. Even though it is no so hard to understand, it seems to be beyond the comprehension of many.

  6. This is undoubtedly intended to put the Genesis brand on the radar of European buyers in a way the larger G70, G80 and G90 never could. Ungainly small hatchbacks from premium manufacturers are the norm here, and the segment is less buttoned up by the Germans than the compact and mid-size executive sedan markets, so there's an opening for Genesis to make a mark.

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