2022 Subaru BRZ: another try

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As I mentioned before, the Toyota 86 has been selling very poorly in the US. (less than 4000 sold last year)

The Subaru clone did even worse with only 2334 units sold in 2019.

And yet, there will be a second-generation coming out next spring. While I am glad to see more 2 door cars available, I just can’t see the business case for this one…

Most people are expecting the new generation to finally get a more powerful turbo option. Especially since it is now even available in the little Crosstrek! A decent interior would help a lot too.

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  1. "The Subaru clone did even worse…"

    My Toyota 86 has "Subaru" stamped on the inside of the trunk lid. So it's the Toyota that is actually the clone (not the other way around).

    Both are assembled by Subaru.

  2. I don't think Crosstreks are getting a turbo. For 2021, it is just getting the larger NA 2.5 engine from the Forester as an option.

  3. This is looking like a heavy refresh of the current car, so I guess the development costs wouldn't be too much. Not too hard to restyle and drop a new motor in. Hopefully the interior gets fixed, but neither Toyota or Subaru are particularly good at styling interiors, so I don't hold out much hope

  4. You guy s are all correct about the Crosstrek just getting the larger 2.5 Liter and no turbo.
    My mistake.

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