Cadillac Lyriq Concept: I don’t know….

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I am not quite sure what to think of this…
On one hand, it does look pretty futuristic and high end. But it also looks a bit “plasticky” for some reason.  Not sure why. Or maybe it’s just the 2 acres of that dark gray plastic upfront…
I like the stance of the car. It looks lie a sporty, low wagon, which is great.
the interior isn’t that crazy, as it feels like a natural evolution of the new Escalade. Which is already great. 
But this is still a “Concept”. And it is hard to guess what will change for production. Let’s hope the interior stays mostly the same. I am not sure it really needs these LEDs on each side of the rear hatch. (But that will probably stay…)

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  1. The clown car wheels are too distracting from the overall clean shape. It needs to be distinctive for maximum virtue-signaling.

  2. I'm positively surprised. It's a more cohesive and elegant design than i was expecting. Definitively a better effort than the horrendous BMW iNext. But my rational side still wonders why it has such a long hood (other than for design reasons). Carmakers should rethink this styling trope in EVs. If you want an example of how a monovolume shape can still look dramatic and luxurious, check the superb Renault Vel Satis concept from 1998 for reference.

  3. Very futuristic indeed. Although, after all that hype, i was expecting a bigger screen. Especially when startups like Byton are promising to bring to market 48-inch screens in their cars ( but i also heard they went bankrupt recently so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ).

  4. I think it looks pretty amazing and very modern both inside and out. Exactly what Cadillac needs right now.

  5. Great stance. Overall, very impressive design. Shame it's 2 years away. Who knows how the market will be like then. At least this makes me hopeful for the Celestiq…

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