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A few things here I didn’t even know you could do. And a few I have never seen before …
– Some amazing parking mod here. That car must be worth something to someone…
– I had no idea you could even do that with an old Audi.
– I guess, at some point, Isuzu though of a wagon version of the Impulse?
– When you don’t want to look “too rich”…
– The old 190 would have made quite a nice looking small Mercedes convertible…
– There is no bench seat like a real leather sofa.
– An old Renault 4 with no doors: when the new Bronco is just not cool enough.

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  1. THat Renault 4 Plen AUr, thoguh not as popular as teh CItroen Mehari and also lacking it's today cult status, was still a somehow common sight in EUropean isalnd resorts when I was a kid in teh 80ies….

    still,, nowadays a super cool find. Especially as stock as this one.

  2. If you can afford a security fence like that, why not move to where one isn't needed?

    Note the Bentzley is at a VW dealer.

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