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This week is just a series of ‘what could have been’. In another world. Almost the same as ours. If an exec in charge had picked another design…

– The first picture shows an alternate design from 2002, for the Toyota Metrix. Which is quite different from what the real thing was…

– Here we have something interesting. Which would have been a coupe version of the eagle Premier (remember these?) in the US. The Premier was a US version of the Renault 25 hatchback. Sold over here as an Eagle/AMC sedan.

– This one is a weird, far-out idea of what the European (German) Ford Granada could have looked like for its 2nd generation. Even though the European Granada was a far more modern car than the US version, these designs look pretty wild for a mainstream sedan…

– These are from 1994. Showing what a second-generation range Rover could have looked like.

– In 1978, it looks like GM was actually thinking about a 2 door version of the really cool looking Opel manta Coupe. 

– This futuristic-looking thing is from 1987. Showing an idea for the 5th generation Chevrolet Corvette. 

– Here we have something that never came to be: the Cadillac La Scala from 1973. Cadillac was still toying with the idea of a small sedan. Which became the 1st generation, Seville, a few years later. But, as you can see, the early idea was to have both a sedan and a coupe. Since at that time, the ‘regular’ Deville Coupe was more popular than the sedan version. Although I am a big fan of the 1st Seville, I really like this La Scala design …

– The last one is one of the many ideas Ford had for the 2021 Bronco. This one does look pretty cool. But I think what they ended up with is one of the best car designs in years. Ford did an amazing job with the new Bronco.

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  1. The Bronco is the only one that looks decent, a little more modern design than what Ford ended up with, but they still knocked it out of the park. The 2 dr looks far better imo than the 4dr. I think the Wrangler Unlimited 4 dr looks better than the 4dr Bronco as well.

  2. you have some folks in your audience that were following those 70s concepts at the time they were being revealed. I was jazzed with the Cadillac La Scala, in hopes that Cadillac really was going to come out with nice looking cars. I don't think I saw it until 1975, and by then, the Seville was introduced, and looked drastically better than the other production Cadillacs and Lincolns at the time… that La Scala looked like it was going to be a taste of the new direction…. then an elephant sat on the 1980 Seville trunk…

  3. I didn't know the La Scala was ever shown outside of GM's design center. Where did you see it?

  4. Your info is so inaccurate it's not even funny. Stuff explained correctly by Car Design Archives, that you casually glossed over.

    You're making extrapolations which are terribly false. Toyota's Matrix was designed in 1998-99, not 2002. Thus photos are from 1999, per my own knowledge.

    Second generation P38A Range Rover was designed from 1988 to 1990, when a final choice was made. NOT 1994 in the least. There are prototypes from 1992 of the final thing itself, built for roadtests. It looks very identical to 1994-95 examples. This is October 1988.

    I really get sick of such gaffes, because although I can see right through it, others don't and fall for your poor observations as fact. Please be better.

    Come on Vince!

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