Malibu Canyon Drive

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All you need for a nice drive is a car and some sun. (Although even the sun isn’t’ required)

The road from the 101 freeway to malibu through Malibu Canyon is such a pleasure to drive.

And so perfect on a sunny day…

On the right of the road (shown on the pic above) is Malibu Park. Which used to be a huge piece of land owned by 20th Century Fox. (Until they sold it and it became a state park)

The shot most of the original Planet of the Apes files there. As well as the M.A.S.H movie and TV show.

Among many other productions.

Nature is so pretty there…

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  1. Beautiful scenery. You really need some background music . So i suggest — Living in the USA–by The Steve Miller Band.
    And you can surprise us with your golden throat by singing along to the part '' Somebody get me a cheeseburger!!''.

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