Mystery SUV: what is this?

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The sad part is: this could be almost anything, from anyone…

It has a modern SUV shape. Just like any other “modern SUV” these days.

It does look a bit like a Nissan, except for the front end…  What do you think it is?

1- Nissan Rogue Sport

2- New Mitsubishi model

3- New Honda HR-V

4- Next Chevrolet Trax

5- Just one of many new Chinese compact SUVs coming up.

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  1. Clearly not a Nissan. No indication of a V-motion grill, and we know what the Qashqai looks like and it's nothing like this. I think it's Chinese, likely a Nio judging by the lines

  2. It could be a Mitsubishi. Has a lot of Mitsubishi clues especially with the front grill and body lines

  3. Actually on second thought, with the wheel design, I am going to say Nissan all the way. Disregard my previous guess, but 🤷‍♂️

  4. 1- Nissan Rogue Sport – no. This doesn't match shots of the new Rogue Sport/Qashqai at all.

    2- New Mitsubishi model – unknown, but nothing Mitsubishi about it.

    3- New Honda HR-V – unlikely

    4- Next Chevrolet Trax – if anything, it would be very similar to the Tracker noted in a previous post, not this.

    5- Just one of many new Chinese compact SUVs coming up. – 99% chance

  5. If people were smarter and paid attention they would realize that all companies have differing print patterns for their camouflage.

    This seems Chinese, as Hyundai doesn't use these patterns, no does Ford, Nissan, Honda, nor Toyota.

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