New Kia Sedona: so many faces…

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These photos of Kia’s all-new minivan show 3 of its different grilles (there could be more!)

One of them will end up in the US as the new 2021 Kia Sedona. My pick would be the first one, which is simple and less aggressive. But who knows what we’ll end up getting over here.

Kia should be offering a hybrid as an option. And maybe a plug-in model as well. The base engine is still a V6. Possibly the same engine as the Telluride.

What do you think? Which “face” should we get?

1,2 or 3?

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  1. maybe we will get all 3 as part of the different trims? Toyota had different grills on the L, LE and SE Sienna models I remember. none of these grills look that great though.

  2. 1 or 3. I actually think they should offer all 3 with some sort of different package option, like some companies do with SUV's.

  3. If a Range Rover and Hearse gangbanged a Town & Country, I suppose this would be the result. They should have kicked the hearse out of the bed.

  4. The rear view is the only one that matters since that’s what I’ll be stuck staring at until I can find an opening to pass. The only things worse than RV’s when it comes to clogging up winding country roads are minivans.

  5. The first one is the only one imo that looks decent. I really think the whole design in these photos is a mess though. Other than the interior, I am not real sure this is going to be an improvement.

  6. Wow a minivan looking like a full size SUV. That's amazing!! Who would had known the 1st generation Sedona would some day evolve into this nearly 20 years later? Who would had known?

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