Tesla Model Y: new wheels for China?

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From this photo, it looks like the Chinese built Tesla Model Y will get a different wheel design than the ones made in the US. And maybe other small changes. 

The current wheel designs Tesla currently offers on most of their cars look like cheap hubcaps. Even on the t Model S. Which is really too bad, especially since these cars are expensive.

I also think they really need to offer more colors. On all their cars. And more color choices inside as well.

But I guess all that doesn’t really matter since they sell all they can build. And really need to find ways to make a profit on these cars. So adding options and colors would just add cost…

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  1. The base Tesla aero wheel DOES have a cap. It’s removable and there’s a much nicer looking alloy wheel underneath. But Car and Driver found that the aero cap improved efficiency by about 3.4%. So removing the cap would drop your 300 mile range by about 10 miles.

  2. Those aren’t new, that is what is currently in production. If you remove the hubcaps, that’s what is under them

  3. These are the standard factory 19 Gemini wheels without the covers installed. My Model Y was delivered like this from there factory when they forgot to install the covers.

  4. Whole car ain't worth the price.. Like buying a 20k car with a 20k battery… Cars ugly and bland as hell.

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