2021 Audi Q5 Sportback: another ‘coupe’ SUV

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 We have seen a few pictures of the upcoming Q5 Sportback before. This one still has some camouflage. Around the headlights and vents. They even tried to disguise the shape of the grille for some reason.

Weird, since the whole front end of the car is expected to be carried over from the regular Q5 anyway…

I think the Q5 and A4/A5 have the worst interior of all current Audi models. They really show their older generation roots. Audi has since moved on to much nicer interiors, with integrated screens and more upscale trims. The Q7 got a heavily revised, and much improved, interior for the recent mid-cycle facelift. This means a new interior design could maybe be in the cards for the Q5 as well. Including this new version.

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