2021 Hyundai Kona: still pretty busy…

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For 2021, Hyundai has given the Kona a mid-cycle facelift. Which does include a cleaner and more modern front end. As well as a redesigned rear bumper.

While the front end does look cleaner and sleeker, I wonder why the rear end is still that busy. With that weird second set of lights in the bumper redesigned but carried over.

The interior seems mostly the same. But the screen is larger and the tablet a bit more upscale looking. 

The 1.6 Liter Turbo now makes 194HP. There is also an “N-Line” model (the red one above) with a sportier design.

These are photos of the European version. So engines and actually trims might be different for the US.

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  1. I hope the Sonata and K5 will also get the boost in power for the 1.6T. The Kona looks really awkward imo without the black trim around the fenders. I believe the manual parking brake has been replaced by an electronic one as well. I was really hoping that the interior would get a little more. The front end design is a huge improvement.

  2. What's weird is that is has a bumper at all? All i see is out there is giant grills now. Maybe the end of bumpers is a wicked plot drummed up by auto repair shops?

  3. Protruding bumpers became illegal since 2015 per the new pedestrian safety regulations. Manufacturers have been required to secure the minimum of 1.8ft of a vertically flat contact surface on both the front and the back of a vehicle. The underbody structure of the vehicle is supposed to absorb the external impact.

  4. Would be nice if other Hyundai models (Sonata, Palisade) would take a cue from this refresh and incorporate a smaller front grill design.

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