Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept: design by committee

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FCA has been trying to revive the Grand Wagoneer for many, many years. Today they are finally showing us something. Thye still call it a ‘concept’. Which means the real thing is still not quite ready. 
Basically, this concept is actually the final thing, with a few ‘concept bits’ added to it. 
After all these years, any amount of personality has been completely stripped of the design. This is exactly the opposite of what the new Ford Bronco is. While the Bronco was designed by a small team of committed designers. The Brand Wagonner looks like it was designed by a bunch of corporate suits. Giving notes after notes, changing things here and there. (Probably all under Sergio Marchionne’s commands) for many years.
The end result is something that could almost be from any brand. With zero attempts to remind people of that great original design.
Same thing inside. Where it could just be some ‘any car/truck’ interior. Again, unlike the fantastic Bronco.
After all these years…

Here is a teaser FCS showed at a dealer meeting. In 2016!

You can see the whole thing has been completely redesigned since. Over and over.

This is the great-looking original one. Which should have been an inspiration for the new one. But wasn’t…

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  1. Vince, your title is incorrect. It's a concept version, in 2020, that previews the production vehicle that no doubt will be a 2022.

  2. The Wagoneer dates back to 1963 – the 1984 model, yes, was the first to be specifically named "Grand Wagoneer," but suggesting that it's the true original when the overall styling and name recognition began more than 20 years before that is very incorrect.

  3. I don't see why they HAD to do a retro design. They are going to ask a ton of money for this thing, and they can't have some Easter Egg laden kitsch wagon. I've got no problem with the design inside or outside except for that low screen for the climate control. That's just not functional at all – so of course that's for production.

  4. My first thought, for whatever reason, was that this looks like what Mercury would have designed as a Jeep.

  5. I'll take this over a Bronco. The Bronco is a joke that will be stale in a couple of years. You like "NEW!!!!!!!!". I doubt you even own anything in real life and live off of ride and drives from manufacturers. That was and may still be a thing. You get so many "Test" drive rigs there's no need to even own something. For people who are planning to keep something longer than they change their underwear this will still look pretty good 5 -6 years out.

  6. I wish I could 'live off ride and drives from manufacturers'. That would be great. But no…
    I only drive a few cars a year, as it is also getting harder and harder to get them.

    And yes, I do own my own car. I don't understand "You like "NEW!!!' (???)
    I also don't understand comparing the purchase of a Bronco Vs the new Grand Wagoneer, which will cost between 2 and 3 times as much as the Ford. And doesn't appeal to the same market at all.

    And yes, I still like a great design with a strong personality, which the Bronco has. (Which is currently sold out until 2022)
    While the new Jeep is a sad overdone design with the personality of a Frigidaire unit.

    And also, I don't understand the rudeness of your comment. I know it is a "thing" these days. But there is NO need to be rude. You should try to convey your point of view without insulting the host of the site.

  7. I was curious about whether this would be another Jeep hit (Wrangler, Gladiator, Grand Cherokee) or miss (Cherokee, Compass). Sadly, it’s the latter. It bears the same odd proportions as the Chinese Grand Commander. The inside’s nice but so’s everything else in this class. As Tesla has shown, creativity and originality trump fit and finish. They better keep all that silly jewelry with the LED lighting and fancy buttons and dials if they want to have something to differentiate the GW. Otherwise it’s hard to see picking this over a Land Rover.

  8. The belt line is much lower on the classic version with a chunkier grille. It's still not too late to do the latter to this new design. Also, I think they should offer the wood molding inserts on the new one as well.
    I'm not sure how well sales will do on such a large and expensive model with plenty of competition.
    I feel the new Grand Cherokee has more hope for success due to i's more practical dimensions and price tag.

  9. Hey Vince!
    Upon seeing the new Grand Wagoneer I shook my head and thought, "A big semi-generic SUV styled by unimaginative corporate types." It doesn't stand out enough for buyers to pick this expensive bruiser over the competition.
    Consider the iconic and signature style of Jeeps own Wrangler, Porsche's coupes, Mustang, G-Wagon, etc. Even without badging, you know what they are. The Original Grand Wagoneers are collectible, selling for good money because of the way they look. Hopefully someone gets a clue and does a crash course cosmetic restyle. Swap out the hood, headlamps, grille/front fascia, tail lamps and rear hatch. Slap some optional authentic bamboo panels on the sides and or tailgate only. The name isn't strong enough alone to make this thing a hit.

  10. What took FCA so long to reveal this "concept"? There has been a lot of talk and hype about resurrecting this nameplate for years and this is what eventually surfaces? What a complete disappointment! A first year design intern could have created this corporately compromised bland-mobile. It has absolutely no personality whatsoever. Regardless of what I think, it will probably sell like crazy.

    If I didn't have an extremely unpleasant experience with FoMoCo in the past, I would probably choose a Lincoln Navigator over this snooze fest (if I was in the market for a full-size truck based SUV; which I'm not, so my opinion doesn't really matter anyway).

  11. Jeep should have at least put the old hood ornament on the new model to somehow tie them together. 🙂

  12. There are also physical buttons for most of the climate control above that screen, which should help

  13. Um size and towing for starters? No Land Rover has the capacity that this or its competitors do. This is competing against the Tahoe, Expedition, etc. along with the Navigator/Escalade.

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