2021 Kia Sorento: the US version is here.

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The US Sorento looks pretty much the same as the one sold in other markets.
Although we do get a specific choice of trims and engines.
The trims for the all-new 2021 model are:
– LX, S EX, SX, SX-Prestige and X-Line SX-Prestige (which is quite a mouth full)
– All versions are available in FWD or AWD. Except for the X-Line which ash AWD standard.
Engine choice in the US is:
– 2.5 Liter with 191HP
– 2.5 Liter Turbo with 281HP
– Hybrid 1.6 Liter Turbo with 227HP
– Plug-in Hybrid with 261HP and 30 miles electric range.
This should pretty much cover almost everything. 
The new Sorento is just about half an inch longer than the previous version. With a 1.4 inch longer wheelbase. So it is still about 7 inches shorter than the V6 powered Telluride.
Its closest 3-row competition would be the Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander, both still about 5 inches longer than the Sorento.
The current Sorento starts at about $27 000. Only a small price increase is expected for the 2021 model.
Which is around $5000 less than the Honda Pilot.
Its price and availability of both Hybrid and Plug-in Hybris make the Sorento a unique choice in the segment. As well as its size.
For people who don’t really need a 3rd row, this would be a super roomy 5 seater SUV.
At a fantastic price.
 Although the base engine might really be pretty weak for the size.
Since this is what usually powers a base mid-sized sedan these days…

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  1. Why are you saying the competition is the Pilot and the Highlander, compared to the Edge, Passport, Blazer, etc?

  2. Even though they are closer in size, the ones you mention only seat 5 people with 2 rows. The Sorento is a 3 row SUV.
    I think the Sorento is in a weird 'in-between' segment. While it does offer extra seats, it is closer in size and price to regular mid-sized 5 seater Crossovers.

  3. With the exception of the interior and powertrain, imo the exterior of the new Sorento is already kind of dated and not enough change from the current model. Not to mention the dorsal fin c-pillar treatment and ugly fake vents. The Telluride was much better executed.

  4. Looks so much better when they black-out that ridiculous dorsal fin on the c-pillar. Dunno what they think the point of that styling "feature" is.

  5. I'm confused why Hyundai Elantra and Kia K5 seem to share a very similar greenhouse/rear window treatment, and now the Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sorento have a very similar taillight treatment. What happened to brand identity?

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