2021 VW Golf Alltrack: more pictures.

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Sad to realize this is probably the best looking Golf Alltrak generation. With a very nice, almost futuristic, interior. (look at that cool seat pattern!) And this is the one we are not getting.

For some reason, Volvo is able to sell cool wagons in the US, but VW cannot find a way to do it. 

This could be a great, much cheaper, smaller alternative to the classy and stylish Volvo V60 Cross Country. With a simple and modern design, unlike anything from Subaru.

I was not able to find actual sales figures for the Alltrak in the US. It seems VW bundles all Golf versions together. Even though they must not be great, this car is already produced and sold in other markets. You would think it wouldn’t’ cost that much to just offer it over here as well.

Another moronic move from VW…

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  1. They would be dumb not to bring this to the US. I have not read any definitive statement from VW that this won't be coming over, so ill bet this still has a chance. in the Northeast, these sell very well and if the GTI on same chassis is coming, I would think this not too difficult to bring.

    Electric SUVs cant fill the same niche as a fun compact wagon

  2. Vince, It will not work here. Hello? Anyone there? Do you think their Market research shows lot's of demand and are simply ignoring it?

  3. America: We hate wagons!

    Manufacturer raises wagon 1.5 inches, adds plastic cladding: This is exactly what we want!

  4. VW should send it here. Subaru does the same thing with the Impreza wagon. Raises it up, slaps on plastic molding accents and calls it an Outback. Subaru reliability is somewhat better than VWs which is a whole other issue.

  5. Ungainly, porky, floaty, pointy with an unconvincing extended eyeliner headlamp theme. D-pillar angled too far forward. High butt with too much room between elements leading to a "pinchy" feeling in side-view. Last wagon was handsome and tailored. Best in class chassis deserves better.

  6. US sales for the Golf SportWagen in 2019 were 10,991. 2019 sales of the Subaru Outback were 181,178. Maybe that has something to do with why we’re not getting the new VW wagon.

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