2021 VW Golf Alltrack: not for us anymore…

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I always liked the Golf Alltrack, and I am glad to see there is an all-new generation coming up soon. 

Except this one will not make it to the US (not sure about Canada yet)

which is really too bad. Another product ‘ready to go’ that VW has decided Americans don’t want. Since they are making more profit selling the Tiguan, and this new smaller SUV is coming out.

The only version of the Golf we will be getting is the GTI. Which is also selling poorly in the US, but at least, it doesn’t take sales away from their precious SUVs. 

The Alltrack has been building a good following in the US over the years and it has many fans. As a smaller, European, and much more tasteful alternative to the Subaru Outback. This new generation with the cool new futuristic Golf interior would have been quite nice…

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  1. While it does seem that the Alltrak is a great vehicle, the public has spoken. I looked at one (2019 SEL) over the weekend and was offered $3450 off the list and a $4000 cash incentive if I went with my own financing.

  2. I had a 2019 Alltrak SEL with the lighting package. I thoroughly loved the vehicle and to this day, I regret selling it listening to my daughter that she did not want to inherit this car as her first one when she starts driving. Here is what I loved about it;
    It had all the features that today you pay at the minimum $40K to have; well depending on the brand. Every single safety feature and luxury feature on this car was quality.

    I am wondering if I can start some kind of support from VW enthusiast to advocate for VW to bring this car in to the United States as well; at least a sample size for the tests/starters.

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