2022 Ford F-150 Electric: a teaser…

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At least from this teaser, the new electric version of the F-150 won’t look that much different. It willbasically be the same old looking truck with a weirdly futuristic front end. One that probably won’t match the rest of the super-conservative exterior. 

Which is probably fine. Since the F-150 is a best seller no matter what. And for now, it will basically own the market. Since the Rivian Pick-up will be at least $70 000 to start. The F-150, being based on the regular truck, should be quite a bit cheaper. 

2 motors, an additional front trunk and it will be the most powerful version of the current F-150. No other specs have been released yet. 

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  1. Just one question: The front end of the F150 is so tall, how will you access the frunk? A ladder? Will the whole grill come up with the hood so you can reach right in? Perhaps some sort of winch system attached to the underside of the hood will raise up a platform inside the frunk?

  2. Ford announced yesterday that the electric F-150 will have operating costs that are almost 50% lower than the gas version. Presumably to give dealerships something to say to shoppers when they freak over the F-150e’s outrageous purchase price.

  3. @Doug, there are patent drawings out there that show the front grill section of the BEV F150 sliding forward to allow access to the entire frunk.

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