2022 Genesis G90: already an all-new one…

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It seems the Genesis G90 was all-new just a couple of years ago. But it actually came out 5 years ago in its home market. (With a facelift late 2018)
So I guess it is already about time for a new one. Which already looks like a much sleeker car. 
The current model has been getting great reviews from almost everyone who has tested it. I can imagine the next generation will be of course, even better.
The big news will probably be an all-electric version. Since Genesis is already about to release an EV version of the G80 sedan soon.
This means the new G90 will try to compete with both the Mercedes S-Class and the EQS EV sedan.
It’s actually amazing the number of new models coming out of Hyundai/Kia/Genesis these days… 

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  1. The front hood seems to cut the side fenders. That's quite unique. I don't know any other cars like that.

  2. Not sure about this one, definitely need to see alot more. The first pic kind of looks proportioned like a modern day Lincoln Towncar.

  3. Wheels on the previous version were unique and so classy, I agree with the above comment that the new wheels are tasteless and horribly matched to an upscale luxury sedan.

  4. no volume here. no one will spend real car money on a korean "knock off" type car thingy… please people

  5. Ok.

    The C-pillar is waaayyy too fussy. Too many windows along the side of the car (although I’m sure it helps with visibility).

  6. Too many angles and pillars in that greenhouse, definitely cuts down on the prestige look/image of the current one. And those wheels are ridiculous!

  7. People saying the 2020 g 90 will be ugly?? Yes right those who think the current g90 is nice hell naw it's sorry us hell that's why there changing it I pray it looks like the 2021 g70 with the thick bangle but trunk that's close to the 745 2002/2005 model with that beautiful big trunk. I'm glad geniuses is changing the g90 very smart keep full size cars sporty forget that ugly ass phantom look that's for grampa

  8. Your right hahahah I hate the old man style they make it look like the g70 full size and sporty with a big trunk lid like 2002/2008 7; series bmw

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