2022 Honda Civic: the sedan.

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I am still a fan of the current generation. Which, to me at least, was a huge step forward compared to its predecessor.

This seems to be a step backward. Sure, it is a lot cleaner. (Especially the hatchback) But they took all the personality out of it. 

This now looks like a smaller Accord. And I am not really sure that’s what Civic buyers want. I know these patent drawings are the worst way to see a new design. But right now, this doesn’t look as attractive as the new Nissan Sentra. At all.

It seems everyone is trying really hard in the compact sedan segment. Even the Elantra is standing out (a bit too much for some). But designing an invisible car in 2022 might not really work anymore.

This is exactly what Honda did with the 6th and 9th generations. Which were just boring versions of their predecessors. Currently, the Civic is still a huge hit for Honda with over 325 000 sold last year alone.

 I am not sure this next generation will be as popular. From what I see here, it doesn’t deserve to be.

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  1. Honda seems to do a radical/boring alternating design. Now Hyundai seems to be copying that rhythm with the Elantra and Sonata.

  2. This is not an improvement at all compared to it's predecessor. Way too much front overhang also. Just way more conservative a design than it needs to be in this generation. All they really needed to do was smooth out all the overstyled elements and give it a more contemporary interior design. Hopefully the real thing will somehow look far better than the patent drawings, but definitely not getting my hopes up.

  3. I'm not a fan of these renders, neither for the hatch or sedan. I used to feel the hatch was a busy, bloated mess but its grown on me to the point where the RS hatch is one of my favourites cars out there.

  4. FFEMT6: "All they really needed to do was smooth out all the overstyled elements and give it a more contemporary interior design." So, pretty much the Insight?

  5. Bummer. From the camouflaged mules I was hoping they'd go back to the 2-window greenhouse and shape the roof a little more like the Alfa Giulia.. could have been a nice little faux sport sedan, but now it just looks like a shrunken Accord or sterilized Civic.

  6. I have often contemplated getting a 2017-2020 Civic Si sedan. If it wasn't for the fake vents and imo ugly rear spoiler, I would have already pulled the trigger. Not sure this more conservative styling effort is going to even make me think twice about it. Still looking forward to seeing the Si and the Type R though.

  7. You're right about the Sonata! The rear of the new Sonata looks like the old Civic. The rear of the new Civic looks like the old Sonata.

  8. Meh, the current one is better. That back end reminds me of the 2013-2015 Malibu tho. I hope they tone down the Accord while they're at it too.

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