2022 Honda HR-V: another picture

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 As mentioned before, this IS the next-generation Honda HR-V.

Not the Chinese Avencier model, and not an Infiniti. As some have suggested.

This new version is slightly longer than before (by almost 2 inches). It will be, again, powered by a 1.5 Liter engine. And some markets (hopefully the US) will get a Hybrid option. A fully electric version is also planned for later. 

From this, and previous photos we have seen, it seems to be a total departure from the current model. At least visually. 

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  1. What is your source for saying so matter of factly that it IS? You keep saying that, but with no basis other than you saying it, especially given the looks of this thing (not to mention what would appear to be a round logo in the center of the non-Honda-esque grille).

  2. This looks like no other Honda currently on sale. Almost like a cross between a Hyundai and another Chinese product? The grille detailing is particularly foreign to the brand… Honda has been on the larger slabs/brows train for awhile now.

    Not that this looks bad so far, the contrary rather. But I'm STILL NOT convinced this is the HRV… What's your source for that info Vince?

  3. This is absolutely 100% NOT the next-generation Honda HR-V!! I have no idea who or where you got this information from but it is completely false. It's so obvious it's not a Honda product at all. The Honda logo is square and the logo on this vehicle is round. The styling looks very un-Honda-like as well.

  4. Well it's definitely a Honda Avancier based vehicle. Whether it's the HRV depends on if the new HRV is based on the Avancier.

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