2022 Honda HR-V: more pictures

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I know many don’t seem to believe it, (which isn’t good news for Honda) but this IS the next generation HR-V, coming sometime next year as a 2022 model.
As many noticed, it seems a bit longer than the current one. With a much more slanted rear window.
The current model is very roomy. Especially in the back where legroom is comparable to much larger models. From these pictures, it doesn’t look like that would change, and the headroom doesn’t seem compromised either. But that sharper slant could reduce cargo space. 
So far, that shape doesn’t look like an improvement. The squared-off silhouette could end up a bit more like a truck, which I am not sure HR-V customers have been asking for.
The side windows are also much narrower than before. 
This could end up trying too hard to be something else…


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  1. Unfortunately that elongated roofline is a complete disaster. Which means the front and rear has the potential to be the best view on the entire vehicle.

  2. Are we sure this isn't the next-generation Acura CDX? Seems like they may be already late to the party with nothing smaller than the RDX in the US, yet they've been selling an Acura version of the HR-V abroad for years.

  3. This is NOT the next generation HR-V. This is the redesigned Honda Avancier that's sold in Asia, mainly China.

  4. It's not the Avancier, that is closer to CR-V in size (think Venza) and has an additional window behind the rear doors and the handles are not in the window frame.

  5. It's not the HR-V. It's the Honda Avancier which is a China specific CUV. You can see just how similar in shape this thing is to the current model.

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