2022 Kia Niro: more stylish?

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The more pronounced fenders and the shape of the hood point to a more stylish Niro for the second generation (although that little 90’s style sunroof is pretty terrible…)

I alwasy though the current model was pretty decent looking. Yet it hasn’t been such a hit in the US (Although it does sell better than the Hyundai Ioniq)

I am sure the new one will be an improvement in every way. Including the range on the EV model. 

You would think a small yet roomy raised up wagon style with the choice of a hybrid and plug-in hybrid would be everywhere…

On another note, how many new and redesigned models are Hyundai/Kia/Genesis working on these days?!

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  1. Not a “90s style” sunroof when they’re still present on almost all models and have been SINCE the 90s. Again, this might be a lower trim level, and if not it’s a hybrid so a full glass roof adds a lot of weight/reduces efficiency.

  2. Current Niro design seems very dated and is definite need of current Hyundai/Kia design language and materials quality.

  3. Kia has always neglected their compact people-movers.. Rondo and Niro always seemed to feature styling cues similar to previous-generation versions of Kia's other models, and by the time this comes out, the Soul-like headlights and Forte-like high beltline will probably look similarly old. But those wheels are damn amazing IMO!

  4. Vince, as a fellow Californian I'm sure you like I have noticed how prevalent the Niro is on SoCal roads.. but then again, it's not like they're all that noticeable.

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