2022/23 Mazda CX-20: 1st bad illustration

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Mazda has already patented the names ‘CX-20’ and ‘CX-50’. 

So this illustration shows us what the CX-20 could look like. (The CX-50 will replace the CX5 and the CX-20 will replace the CX-3)

And it is pretty bad. I think the mix of current Mazda design cues and the MX-30 EV looks too blocky and heavy-handed. A huge step back from current Mazda designs like the new CX-30.

I am sure Maxda will do much better than this. No new Mazda model is scheduled before 2020. And I am not sure which one will come out first. But, besides the new CX-30, all current Mazda models will be up for a new generation by then. Since it is the most popular, it seems the CX-5 replacement could be first. The Mazda6 sedan and this CX-20. Although the CX-9 will be getting long in the tooth as well by then…

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  1. Vince,

    For a 'bad illustration', it's better than what most people can design.
    I would take these illustrations with a grain of salt as they are not official. The MX-30 is more of a Frankenstein vehicle for Mazda in that it is used as a stepping stone into the EV world without the true EV nohow. They still have a lot more R&D to spend to catch up to the likes of VW, GM and maybe even Porsche. In fact none of hit the true Tesla milestone except more maybe Lucid.

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