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The Cadillac XT6 is one of these cars (crossover/SUVs etc…) that does look much better in real life.

I was really disappointed with the photos I had seen when it came out. And I have seen very few on the road to actually realize it is quite good looking in the flesh. It is not very original, but it does remind me of a classic German design, with straight lines. A design that would be elegant and tasteful for years to come. Something many German cars don’t have anymore…

Its problem is that it doesn’t stand out at all. And no one associate Cadillac with “invisible”.

The inside of my loaded Premium Luxury version had very nice high-quality materials. But as soon as you get in, you realize it is the exact same interior as the XT5. A model that came out almost 5 years ago.

So nothing here is very exciting, or new. Cadillac keeps pushing that odd-looking trim on the dash and doors. Instead of something more current like open-pore wood.

And the 8-inch screen seems a bit small by today’s standards. I really think Cadillac should have at the very least redesigned the whole dashboard for this all-new model.

One great thing about Cadillac’s infotainment system is the scrolling wheel on the center console. Which lets you scroll through all your music playlists very quickly.

My car as equipped with 14 Bose speakers option. And this is a great sound system.

The interior is very roomy, front and back. And the 3rd row is ok for shorter people or kids. But not as roomy as the Chevrolet Traverse. That is because, for some odd reason, this big Cadillac Crossover is based on the same platform as the smaller XT5 and Chevy Blazer. NOT the longer one used on the Traverse of Enclave.

So it is basically a 3 row, longer XT5. And not a Cadillac version of the Enclave/Traverse. 

The XT6 uses GM’s popular 3.6 Liter V6 with a 9-speed auto. And the whole thing is smooth, quiet and has plenty of power all the time. I know Cadillac has been criticized for not offering more power like Lincon does in the Aviator. But it is really not needed. Very few people would ever need more power in a vehicule like this one. 

The ride is, as expected, very smooth. And the steering is light.

This is basically the new version of what the old Cadillacs were. Smooth, quiet, and comfortable. A modern large Cadillac wagon.

It is not nearly as enjoyable to drive as the great CT6 sedan. But that’s what people wat these days…

The XT6 is rated at 17/24MPG. While it was tough to get 17 around town (more like 15/16) I had no problem getting around 30MPG on freeway trips. Which is excellent.
The Cadillac XT6 is a very nice 3 row crossover. But I am afraid it might not be enough. Cadillac came late in the game and didn’t come up with anything special. The biggest drwaback is th e5 year old interior. (Which was nothing special 5 years ago)
They need to rething the interior all together and design something similar to the striking 2021 Escalade.
the price is also, in my opinion, a problem. After checking, I realized it is only a couple thousand more than the XT5. Which is OK. But with a $53 000 starting price ($71 000 for my loaded test car) it competes with the Audi Q7, Volvo XC90, and others. 
I would even think a loaded Kia Telluride could be included in there. For a lot less money, it does feel more special.
The XT6 is good, but it does need to be special. As all Cadillacs should be.

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  1. yikes… ya I must say, I was hoping and expecting for a lot more after the other three. But seeing as what your saying it's on the same platform as the GMC Acadia, or as you put it a few times XT5, thats very disappointing.

  2. Vice, why not compare it to an Acadia? The XT6 and the Acadia are exactly the same size. Why do you compare it to Traverse and Blazer, instead?
    GM crossovers are simply too expensive for what they offer.

  3. You have to be insane to pick this over the Aviator. I still haven't seen one on the road and i'm not surprised.

  4. Good review Vince. Did you also have a review for the Lincoln Aviator or are you planning for one?

  5. Regarding Lincoln, I would really love to drive the Aviator. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get Lincoln press cars so far… These also seem pretty rare. ( Haven't seen one yet actually…)
    About the Acadia, I test drove one a few years ago, and yes, I should try and get the current one. The interior is not really as premium as the XT6, and it is a bit shorter and not as roomy. But it is actually quite nice.
    I actually like the Buick Enclave much better than the XT6. (driving one this week)

  6. As Vince said this model does look much better in person than in pictures. It is over priced too but what new nice car isn't. I guess being the "luxury" GM brand Cadillacs have to be priced higher than the other GM models.

  7. The Lincoln’s have a wow factor in pictures or seen driving on the road but up close I find them a bit disappointing. In person is where the Cadillac shows it is a more luxurious vehicle. The details are Cadillacs advantage over Lincoln. Materials and overall perceived luxury and quality seem higher than Lincoln

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