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This is an all-new concept from the Chinese brand Great Wall. And I think it looks fantastic. A breath of fresh air in a world invaded by SUVs and aggressive styling in general.
Not sure yet if this is an EV or not (probably)
Or it will even be produced. This has a weird obvious retro feel. Reminiscent of old European sedans.
I really think there would be a market for something like this.

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  1. The 80's really are back. From the Honda eConcept and Hyundai 45 looking like old 80s hatchbacks, now you've got this 50's retro concept just like the 80s Japanese carmakers used to make.

  2. I see hints of the Ford Taurus in front and a strong ‘Rambler’ influence in profile. A clean looking contemporary design.

  3. LOVE IT! talk about being creative! Simple, elegant design both exterior and interior, quite distinctive. It reminds me of 50s/60s FIATs and Moskvitches. There are 3 things that I find amazing about this car:

    1. greenhouse. the pillars are thinner that most cars, love the B-pilar less look. Looks like it has more than adequate headroom. No sloping rear window like most modern sedans also means a proper opening trunk.

    2. stance/proportion – this looks like a tall car, almost SUV-like seating without the SUV body. Look at the distance between the top of the wheels and top of the fenders.

    3. it actually looks to have BUMPERS!

  4. oh aaaa oh aaaa, done and done. should be the Apple car. picture in white with a chrome Apple Logo.

  5. My Cadillac Fleetwood has own age, i would buy this car. It is very nice, just should be little bigger and the central console take space.

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