Infiniti QX60 Concept: Vs. the current generation…

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The first thing I noticed is how much smaller the windows are… 
Sure, it is 100% different. But I have to say, the current one that came out back in 2013 aged pretty well.
Is the new one that much better?

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  1. I like the new one better as far as exterior design goes anyway. The current one isn't bad, but the basic form has been around since the introduction of the 2013 JX35, and is definitely a little stale imo.

  2. this is truly stunning…Range Rover Velar side by side is apparent. It's a giant leap forward as in all Nissan Designs. Also, we will see new 9 Speed transmissions and posh interiors. Kia and Hyundai only sold vs Pathfinder, because Path is old and Stale. Nissan Pathfinder is close behind and hopefully as good looking . Proportions are identical. Good moves

  3. the only problem with the old one……Listening Nissan??? is obvious in this case and in the Pathfinder case as well…… way Too Long between redesigns…..Giddy up, keep 'em fresh, volume stays hand in hand with that. no MBA required for these basic business concepts.

  4. this design…and the future glimpses of Nissan/Infiniti products show a real fresh clarity and focus.

  5. Wow is all I have to say about this new one!

    The proportions are so much better than the dorky, awkward previous generation. I, admittedly, didn't like it from the start and had felt this was the peak of fussy design language from Infiniti. I see a mix of the Velar with the proportions of the OG Audi Q7, and many of the modern Nissan Details.

    I know Infiniti is struggling bad right now, and I hope to a see a ton of soccer moms driving this around for them. Also hope this is the future of the look for the remainder of the brand's models.

  6. The old one was a dumpy, wallowing mess, so the new one is better. But it is so much better that Range Rover has been doing it for years. No points for originality.

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