Lucid Air: the production version is here!

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I think the Lucid Air EV is fantastic. I loved it the first time I saw pictures of the prototype a few years ago.
And I am really glad to see this project has been able to be funded to see the day where they are able to officially announce the production version.
I think this is a great design. Both luxurious and futuristic. It is exactly what is it supposed to be.
The bad news is, while Lucid had mentioned a base price of around $60 000, the production car will be more expensive.
Here are the 4 versions offered:
– Air. (Base model)    “Below $80 000” ($72 500 after incentives). No specs yet
– Air Touring.             $95 000. ($87 500 after incentives).              620HP/406 miles range
– Air Grand Touring.  $139 000. ($131 500 after incentives)           800HP/517 miles range
– Air Dream Edition.  $169 000. ($161 500 after incentives. )         1080HP/503 miles range
Besides the base model, these are crazy prices for most people. Although the specs are quite amazing when compared to anything in that price range.
The $72 500 price of the base model is actually less than the Tesla Model S (Which doesn’t qualify for incentives) Even less if you include state incentives. Which means it will come down to under $70 000 in most states. Not sure what comes with the base model, since the 1st step up is already a $15 000 bump.

From this angle, you can see the differences between the concept (bottom0 and the production version. I think the production version is much better. 

While they were able to keep the amazing huge windshield, the whole interior now looks much more upscale. With a great choice of various high-quality materials. 

Compared to the concept, the rear seat does look more mundane. Although still so much nicer than any Tesla back seat.

Not sure if that cool lounge style back seat is available on the production version… (You would think the top of the line would have it)

I think Lucid has accomplished quite a feast with the Air. The production version actually seems nicer than the concept. 

This is really so far ahead of the aging Tesla Model S… And actually, something many should pick over the old fashion looking “same old” 2021 Mercedes Class-S.

Great job!

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  1. Those really amazing lounge seats will be a late availability option according to the presentation, and they look just as spectacular as the prototype's…

  2. By the time these cars finally roll out in 2021-22 (if they do), their technology will be far behind Tesla’s. Lucid’s CEO trumpeted his car’s 17% efficiency advantage vs Tesla. Comparing the Lucid of the future to the Tesla of today, that’s really not all that impressive.I won’t be surprised if the tables are tuned as soon as 9/22 at Tesla’s “battery day.”

  3. I agree. It's a wonderfull design. Elegant and classic but at the same time futuristic in a positive way

  4. love the interior of the production car! The windshield is AMAZING!

    The overall shape of the car is very nice, the 2 tone is great, nice to see actual colors on cars (vs greys) … reminds me a bit of late 1970s cars

    one question: for such a large vehicle, WHY isn't ANYONE doing 3 abreast seating in the front?? a modern 3+3 with all the modern safety features!

  5. I am a big fan of Lucid, and hope they are very successful. They have worked so hard to get to this point, and the end product is quite incredible. Can't wait to see the reviews. The interior alone completely annihilates anything Tesla has produced up until this point. I only wish it was in my budget. I would love to be an early adopter.

  6. These things are going to be EXPENSIVE. The website doesn’t show equipment for the base $80K model, but the next level up $95K Touring trim has the glass roof, big wheels and premium audio all optional. Performance package, semi-autonomous driving, heated seats, etc. will cost even more. Anyone springing for the $80K base model isn’t going to want to be driving a stripper, so when all is said and done Lucids will pretty much all be six figure cars.

  7. It looks neat, but I wouldn't want hot bare glass above my head in the summer. Opel Corsa offered one like that in Europe, but Saturn didn't bring it here.

  8. I think you are right about "EXPENSIVE". I was also surprised to see the cool glass roof being an option on the $95 000 model. Which means the $80 000 one probably doesn't have much standard stuff.
    I guess this is their first car and they need to make as much cash as quickly as possible…

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