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I remember just a few years ago, back when this future ‘sub-Volvo’ brand was going to take over the world. 
It was yet another Chinese brand that was going to sell tons of cars outside of China.
Which sounded feasible since they were mostly based on Volvos. With their own designs. 
Both brands being owned by giant Chinese manufacturer Geely.
Until just last April, they still claimed the brand would enter the European market by the 4th quarter of 2020.
Back in 2017, they were planning to enter both the US and European markets ‘within a couple of years’.
Now they have a brand new Electric concept called the ”Zero””. It was designed in Sweden and I think it looks great.
It looks like a very modern and chunky 4 door hatchback. They also claim a range of at least 435 miles.
The production version will go on sale next year.
It would actually be great seeing this in the US. It looks great. It is probably similar in size to a model 3.
With a much nicer interior. And would probably cost less!
And hatchback is a convenience the model 3 doesn’t even offer…

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  1. Vince: Some errors –

    Bot brands being owned by giant Chinese manufacturer Geely.

    It looks lie a very modern d and chunky 4 door hatchback.

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