Mystery SUV: what is it???

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This picture was sent to me by ready. Who, like me, has no idea what it is. 

Which shows how sad things are as far as car design goes. You can see quite a bit of the car (SUV) and still, it is hard to guess what it is…

It could be so many things, I cannot even start.

Can you guess what this is?

(Thanks to reader “George C” for this)

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  1. pay attention on Those crab claws like taillights. This could be the next Subaru Crosstrek or a new Honda

  2. No clue. Maybe it’s the note small Alfa SUV? The funny thing is that I know on the left is a Kia Rio Hatch and a Ford Transit Connect on the right.

  3. My guess is some kind of Honda, since the taillights resemble the controversial staplers of the Accord, maybe a Pilot or Passport redesign. Not real sure though.

  4. Could it be the longer Ford Kuga / Escape?
    The tail lights have a Ford vibe. As do the shape around the reflectors in the bumper.

  5. It's an Italian designed SUV and my guess it is the soon to be unveiled Maserati Grecale. Profile is similar to the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the taillights resemble those on the Maserati MC20 sports car.

  6. My god some of the comments on here are embarrassingly dumb. Is the Roewe Marvel X people. Google it and read the existing comments before adding another.

  7. Vince –

    … might end up on some US models. Like the Exploer

    … This picture was sent to me by ready.

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