New BMW M3/M4: overdone?

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This is quite the opposite of the early M3 models were. back when things were a bit more subtle.
Which hasn’t been the case for a while I guess.
This is way overdone, but that’s what the M3 has become over the years.
Most people who buy this will, unfortunately, never use it to its capacity. Which is probably quite phenomenal. 
We are talking up to 503HP from a twin-turbo 6 cylinder here. Quite amazing.
RWD and 6-speed manual are still available too.
As far as the grille goes, it really pushes the envelope of vulgarity. Just as I was getting used to the one in the “regular” 4 series…

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  1. Massive FAIL!
    The grand am's ghost returns..
    Can side strakes be far behind?

  2. This is beyond hideous, not just the designer but the full team that approved this monstrosity should be fired.

  3. I feel exactly the same way Vince, I was starting to not hate the regular 4 series grill. However the M3/M4 whole front end made me 🤮 in my mouth just a little.

  4. Ok.

    I think the SketchMonkey on YouTube makes some excellent observations about this. There is nothing inherently wrong with BMW tinkering/evolving their design language. I actually don’t mind the new grill. The problem lies with the fact that the new front end has absolutely no relation to the rest of the car. They should have gone all-in and had sharper lines in the rest of the car to tie in to the front end. You’ve got this rather striking front end and then the rest of the car is just the usual BMW blob.

    That’s just my 2 cents.

  5. I don't like it particularly but moving the number plate to the side like Alfa Romeo do on some of their cars would have looked better than stuck across the grille like that.

  6. Agree with the Sketchmonkey comment. Put your finger over the grill in the photos and look at the rest of the car. Absolute dullsville. Even for recent BMW’s it’s unfocused and anonymous. If not for the grill this is a car you’d never notice.

  7. It’s vile. And if you like it, then you have terrible taste. If I ever “get used to it,” then I have terrible taste also.

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