New Ford Equator SUV: not for us…

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This is a new large SUV for the Chinese market. And will probably not be sold elswhere.
Unless it is a preview of the new generation Ford Territory, which is sold in Australia and other markets.
The design is very generic. On the top picture, it actually looks a lot like a previous generation Toyota Highlander.
I just wonder if some of the design cues, like these headlights, might end up on some US models. Like the Exploer. Who knows…

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  1. Front and side looks like a sibling to the Cadillac XT6 more than a Ford.. and the rear is either Buick or Lincoln…
    These are all looking so generic!!

  2. The Territory was phased out a few years ago. Ain’t coming back. Could be based on the Ford Everest

  3. More and more SUVs look the same. I guess practical issues like space and accommodations become constraints in design. When I saw the top photo I thought a new Hyundai? NOT.

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