next generation Toyota 86: another illustration

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This new illustration does look pretty realistic. Unfortunately… Since it pretty much looks like a very slight update of the current model.

While I understand why car manufacturers are afraid to redesign or change too much a very popular model. I really don’t get why they wouldn’t try something different after a very slow selling first generation. 

Design is a very big part of a sports coupe attraction, And obviously, the current design wasn’t really attractive to many. I don’t get how (almost) repeating the same thing will improve sales…

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  1. Repeating the same thing on design won’t help sales. But neither will changing things. Because sports cars are so 20th.

  2. ….so 20th.

    I agree. When the average transportation device is faster than what many would have considered sports cars of the 60s and 70s along with traffic that stops you from having fun, there's really not a use case that is justifiable. Even for a fun car.

    The best was a car mag about 20 years ago that auto-crossed a Jag E Type and a Honda Minivan full of people. The Honda won.

  3. Still cant understand why a company that puts turbos on virtually everything including SUVs and an ugly 4 door sedan designs a sports car that screams out for a turbo and is left with no power. I've had one for for years and everything about it is great except that its slow. Who wants a slow sports car with no power ?

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