VW ID.4: more interior photos

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On thse new pictures, I think the interior looks quite nice. Especially the seats.
And it looks quite roomy.
That’s because it is probably much larger than the ID.3, which is already a roomy car.
The ID.4 Concept was basically the size of a Honda CR-V. Being an EV, the VW could end up being much roomier than gas models of the same size.
This is pretty nice so far, let’s hope they can keep the price down. And there’s also that “buying an electric car from a company known for electrical problems” issues I guess…

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  1. I don't think it's that nice, seems very utilitarian. Especially when you compare it to the Nissan Aryia. Anyone can throw in a big tablet in the centre stack but takes a lot more to make a modern simplistic designed interior and this is not it.

  2. The seat fabric looks comfortable but VW's cost cutting strategies look like they are being fully implemented with this interior.

  3. I do like the seats, the interior reminds me a bit of Citroen Cactus. the big screen does look tacked on, they could have come up with a more elegant solution. the interesting part is the "dash" with the integrated "gear shift". would like to see more details on that.

  4. You know, we sure are picky these days. This interior looks like a concept car from 5 years ago. Some really great details and surfacing (those seats are particularly cool).
    So much lighter and more open feeling with a less thick dash and tablet style screen. I don't care if you call it an ipad stuck on a dash, it's better than giant hoods and "integrated" screens everyone online fawns over with some misplaced nostalgia.

  5. I like both the inside and outside, however I am more concerned about the need going through multiple menus to make the seats warmer.

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