VW Tiguan X: the “coupe” version

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These are the first official pix of the all-new “coupe” version of the Tiguan.

Apparently, it is based on the long-wheelbase version. Which is the one sold in the US.

Which makes you wonder if this is scheduled for us as well. So far, this is only for the Chinese market. But many VW models are shared between China and the US. Like the Jetta, Atlas, Atlas Sport. And the Passat before the 2020 facelift.

So why not. It would cost them a fortune to add this model to the Mexican factory I guess. 

I think this is OK looking. I mean, most of these 5 door sleek hatch designs look weird and awkward when raised up like an SUV. But this isn’t worst than many…

What do you think? Should VW bring this one over here?

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  1. It certainly won't help VW if it is sent to the US from China. I don't know how Volvo gets away with certain models from their at the showroom.
    They might want to focus on the ID.4 model instead as it shares the same purpose, other than using electricity.

  2. This looks better than in a lot of earlier published photos, Maybe its the color or the nice rims or both that make this car look better.

  3. Uneducated buyers.
    I will buy from China if there's not choice and I need an object.
    I will not buy from China if there is choice.
    I do try to factor in human rights abuses.

    This web site is completely tone deaf on that with the amount of times China is mentioned. It's as if it "Gets off" on it.
    So Vince, rub another one out thinking about slave labor and human organ harvesting. Scream MOMMY while you are doing it.

  4. ??? Did you read what I actually wrote? Mentioning this could be built in Mexico for the US market?

    VW has been making cars in China for many decades. So far, they have only been only sold in the Chinese market. If you have so much problem with VW producing cars in China for the local market, you should complain to them. I have nothing to do with VW building cars in China…

  5. VW is falling in the trap of VW cars loooking more and more like the AUDIs with different grille and tail lights. Didn’t Acura try this brilliant strategy?

  6. If it’s cost effective why not? If de Nysschen is right and consumers are basically seeing SUV coupes as sedan replacements, then they should sell it here. VW is doing a good job of giving the exteriors a premium look so I hope they start placing more attention on their interiors.

  7. I'd bet this will definitely hit the US market in the next year or two.. based on the popularity of the Atlas Cross Sport, the slumping sales of Jetta and Passat, and the lack of a new Golf.

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