2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Sport: new front end.

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It looks like the small Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Sport will look about 5% more modern for the new model year…
Not sure if that will be enough to increase sales. (under 20 000 of them sold last year)
The rear end will get smaller revisions and the interior could see bigger changes as well.
The revised Cross Sport will be sold as a Plug-In Hybrid only in some markets. Let’s hope this will be the case for the US. As it would help the small crossover stand out among its competition.
A plug-in model would qualify for state and federal incentives. Which means the Mitsubishi could turn out being cheaper than its regular gas competition.

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  1. Actually, if you look at the features surrounding the grille area, the photo is obviously stretched/distorted and the changes are way less substantial then they look. The hood is not swept back further as the photo suggests, and the only real changes are in grille texture and the movement of headlights into the bumper (a la Kia/Hyundai/Cherokee/Citroen). Not enough of a change to help this ugly beast.

  2. I own a 2018. Bought as a run around/ daily driver…Been a good car no issues at all. Get more compliments on this car than any car I've ever owned. Weekend car is a atsv and I get ignored.

  3. The rear end won't get "smaller revisions" it will actually be completely redone to get rid of the small rear glass and replace it with a single big one.

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