2022 Acura MDX: still calling it a “prototype”…

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I am not actually sure why Acura is calling this a ‘prototype’. Since it is obviously the production model. Or at least 99% of it…
(I guess it is a way to make the news twice?)
I think the new MDX looks exactly like it should. The proportions are much nicer than the current model. And the profile is quite simple and tasteful. 
The best news is that all versions will come with a V6. Great to see Acura has resisted the temptation to offer a 2.0 Liter Turbo as a base engine. As there is really nothing like a smooth V6 to give customers an upscale feel.
The base engine will be a 3.5 Liter V6 with a 10 speed automatic.
While the Type S model will get the new 3.0 Liter V6 Turbo with 355HP. 
It looks like the MDX’s main competition next year in the US could be the equally new QX60 from Infiniti.
I have test driven the RDX 3 times since it came out, and I always came out very impressed by it. 
I cannot wait to drive the new MDX. One of my favorite features of the RDX is its excellent ELS Studio 3D sound system. Apparently, the new MDX will offer an even more powerful, 25 speakers (!!!) version of that system in the MDX. Which should be quite amazing…
While I wait for the MDX, the next Acura I will be driving is the new TLX sedan, next month.

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  1. Just when you thought Acura was back on track. This is a complete waste of a redesign. Zero personality, zero uniqueness. That dash has gone over the top too.

  2. it's missing the license plate brackets, so thats why they can call it a prototype… haha… or maybe they blame it on the side mirrors…to small for production? haha

    Anyways… I mean it looks fine I guess… nothing crazy…. basically it is a raised TLX Wagon… just saying…

    Inside….. hmmmm….. again not a fan of the track pad… but what does my opinion of that matter….. steering wheel seems busy…. and the Instrumant cluster isn't as digital as VW, Caddy, or Buick is these days…. so ya…sad.


  3. Maybe the same reason as ford to the bronco: it has no engine and no working features for the press. This is my guess.

  4. For the comment about the instrument cluster not being as digital, that is only one of the many configurations you are seeing in the photos. There are more photos out there with additional views/configs, and it looks great imo. Btw, Buick does not have a full digital instrument cluster. The closest is on the Enclave, and only the center speedo is digital. The outer gauges are still analogue. I think that says enough about the level of research put into your comment.

    As for the trackpad, it is going to be enhanced with quick shortcut areas, and a new CPU which does not take forever to boot up the main screen like on the RDX and TLX.

    This is going to be a winner.

    Love the massaging seats with the buttons next to the ac/heated seats, and the fact that the rear bucket seats are an illusion in which you can put the seat back up to form a 7 seater option. Very innovative way of giving you the best of both worlds.

  5. Nothing to see here people….move along. There is nothing striking about this redesign. Sure it'll do fine in the market but I think Acura missed an opportunity to make a big splash.

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