2022 Ford Evos: mule caught…

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The pictures above show a test mule for the Ford Fusion/Mondeo replacement. It will be a tall AWD wagon, similar to the Subaru Outback.
Which is actually a good idea. I think there is a market for a good looking AWD wagon to compete with the Outback. (Too bad GM didn’t really figure out how to market the Tour X in the US…)

The production car could look pretty close to the illustration above. Which would be fine and something much more attractive than the ungainly, busy looking Outback. Ford has trademarked the names “Evos” and “Stormtrack” recently.  Evos does sound lieke a car name, while” Stormtrack” sounds more like a trim level.

Not sure what platform the new model will be using. But Ford does offer Hybrid and Plug-in hybrid versions of many current models. This would be a great advantage over Subaru as well.

We’ll know everything sometime next year.

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  1. It’s a smart move since I’m Europe wagons are much more popular than sedans and especially the Cross-Type ones like the VW Passat Alltrack and Skoda Superb Skout. The current Ford Focus wagon is also doing great for Ford in Europe. However with the Focus Active I was expecting a product similar, but better, than the Subaru XV and while it is much better in almost every way, it does not even have AWD and doesn’t stand as high or looks as imposing as the Subaru. I’m hoping they at least offer AWD to the Evos.

  2. All Ford needs to do with this, to compete with the Outback, is raise it up a few inches, slap a bunch of plastic trim around the bottom and add AWD.

  3. Yes sir!! This time around I hope the US gets a similar package to the European Vignale packages, since supposedly it won't have a Lincoln counterpart. Knowing Ford through they'll screw it up, since they love to badge engineer everything except the Mustang.

  4. AWD is definitely an option for this model as its competing directly with the Outback and replacing the not only the Fusion but also the Edge in the lineup. Supposedly it will have similar length of the Edge, but more car-like ride. The platform is supposedly shared with the Escape and Bronco Sport just lengthened and widened.

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