2022 Genesis GV70: another spy shot

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It seems we are getting a new picture of this every day…

And it does look good in all of them. Even bringing a bit of design originality to the segment. This is shaping up to be an attractive luxury/compact SUV. The only surprise now will be the interior which we haven’t seen yet (Except some grainy photos of door trim or seats)

It will also all depend on pricing. The Acura RDX starts at around $38 000. And the base model is already very well equipped (with even a standard panoramic roof)

I think, Genesis being a new brand, that GV70 should start at around $36 000 at the most. It will probably go higher than the Acura anyway since some high-end versions will use the V6 turbo. (Something the RDX doesn’t offer. At least yet)

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  1. $36K would be a straight up bargain. Genesis tends to equip even their base models very generously. Could make for a decision between a base GV70 and a top trim mainstream compact suv, such as CRV or CX5. I would probably go for the Genesis. Those exhaust outlets look amazing.

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