2022 GMC Hummer EV: another $100 000 EV…

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I thought I would compare the new GMC Hummer EV to the upcoming Rivian R1T Electric Pick-up.
Since, I think, the Rivian could be its main competition.
– So far, we know the Hummer will get around 1000HP and a 350 miles range. (A less powerful version will be available in 2024 (!!!) for $80 000)
Prices will start at $100 000!
– The Rivian will get ‘up to’ 750 HP and a range of ‘up to over 400 miles’.
It will start at $69 000.
Both are expensive toys. But I really like the simple and modern personality of the Rivian.
I think the Hummer looks ridiculous. And actually dorky from some angles.

Things are even worse inside. While the Hummer is a paragon of vulgarity, the Rivian looks upscale and simple at the same time. I sat in one last year and I can tell you that interior looks and feels great.
The Hummer interior looks like it could have been designed by some rich 10-year-old spoiled kid on drugs who couldn’t wait to use his new ruler to draw something. Anything…
The gold trim everywhere is just atrocious. As is the giant tablet that has to be blocking a third of the view forward.
This is just amazingly bad. And yet, it does fit the Hummer brand. Which was never known for its good taste or classy design.

Sure, you can take off the roof panels for a fake convertible experience. Which is OK. 

But the Rivian offers these really nice and useful tents and BBQ options.
Which would be fantastic for a camping trip!
(And you can get a giant panoramic glass roof anyway)
As I mentioned many times before, I am not a truck person. But I do love taking small camping trips once in a while. And the Rivian R1T is actually very tempting. (although still too expensive)
As for the GMC Hummer, I would be ashamed to be seen driving one…

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  1. Vince, you're clearly not a truck guy. You're SO wrong. People will be delighted by this new Hummer. This is a clear homerun.

  2. While I agree with most everything you said, and also like the more simple and elegant design of the Rivian, the Hummer just oozes testosterone, and for that reason, I have a feeling it will be all over the road in little time. Even at that cost. There will be a whole lot of Raptors on the preowned lots as a result. It may even impact fully loaded Bronco sales.

  3. Jesus, Vince…tell us how you really feel. Congrats on hating it; lots of reaction so far has been positive, myself included.

  4. It's clear that the designers of the old Hummer H2 are still employed at GM, based on this new Hummer's design.

  5. This is def not for me, but overall I don't think it's a hit or a miss.

    The original hummer, especially the H2 and H3 were POS vehicles. I like the design of this but some of the design elements are definitely over the top and over done. Truck owners may want ruggedness but they also like simplicity.

    BTW, why does it need to have 1000hp. Who is using this?

  6. The big mistake is to think that it can be green to move useless tons of metal and plastic into 1000-horsepower engines that suck electricity for no reason. These are unnecessary heat production upstream and downstream. And then we talk about protecting the planet. Ridiculous

  7. The Rivian is a great design, but somehow I can't get past those cartoon headlights. Rivian emphasized long sleek lines on the back and sides, then put those upright cutesy eyes up front. What were they thinking?

    I love the Hummer on the outside! I can see a bit of Grand Wagoneer up front, and almost all of the lines are great. The inside though, not for me.

    And both the Rivian and Hummer look light years better than the Tesla Truck which just hurts my eyes. It is so rude.

    I have a traditional full-sized truck and don't see myself ever upgrading to one of these, though I'm all for them being in the marketplace. More choices are almost always better!

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