2022 Kia K7: no more Cadenza…

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As you can see, the upcoming Kia K7 sedan will be a complete departure from the car it will replace: the Cadenza.
While the current Cadenza is a nice looking car (and one that has been getting mostly great reviews), the next generation will adopt a much more European look. With a pretty sleek fastback design. 
(Again, that would be fine as a hatchback, but that trunk opening keeps shrinking to the point where it is almost ridiculous)
As I mentioned previously, the Cadenza has been a very poor seller in the US for a long time. Even years ago when large sedans were selling quite well. Kia does have too many large sedans in the US. And none of them are selling well… The Stinger, Cadenza, and K900 are just too many offerings in an increasingly shrinking segment.
But who knows. They might still want to try again…


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  1. It looks really good! The last shot – of the ¾ view – gives me some of the now-gone LaCrosse, which itself was a good-looking big car. You do have a point: Kia does have a lot of large sedans!

  2. They need to redefine themselves a bit more. Aiming at BMW with ultimate driving machine.
    Agree there are too many big cars and not much continuity between them

  3. I had a 2014 and eventually a 2018 Cadenza. Two of the best cars I ever had in my almost 70 years. Huge backseat, plenty of power, good gas mileage, beautifully appointed inside, and incredible value for the money. Blew away all the other cars in the big sedan classification. If there’s going to be a version of it again, I’m in.

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