2022 Kia Sportage: new illustration.

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The illustration on top seems to be quite accurate. From what we know. (Which isn’t much.)  There is still so much camouflage on the prototypes driving around, that it really could look like anything…
As we know, the new Sportage will be mechanically very close to the recently introduced Hyundai Tucson. 

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  1. That illustration looks far more attractive than what is under that camo. The much stubbier hood is completely obvious. The illustration looks much longer, lower, and sleeker. Everything from the A-pillar back though could still be reasonably accurate. I like the rounded wheel arches far better than the squared off ones on the Tuscon.

  2. Big improvement over the existing Sportage, which looked more distinctive but less pleasant. Kia's getting a standard look up and down the SUV line (except for the Soul) there's even a sub-Soul Venue sized vehicle in India which could be brought in.

  3. I think the C-pillar is "wrong" in the illustration.

    A "design signature" of the Sportage is an distinct upward thrust of the C-pillar to roofline.

    Without that, it's not a Sportage.

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