2022 Lincoln Navigator: an even larger grille?

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It looks like the Lincoln Navigator might be getting a new “larger grille/smaller headlights” combo for 2022.

Which will make the big chromy SUV look even tackier than it currently is. The new Escalade must be making life really tough for the big Lincoln these days…

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  1. The front and the rear of the Navigator could definitely use some refinement. Fingers crossed the designers of the Aviator are involved.

  2. Still looks better than the new Escalade which, to me, looks cheesy. I have to admit though, the Navigator's tail lights are hella ugly and need a redesign.

  3. Not sure what this luxury brand trend is in recent years of larger grills, but I personally dislike the majority of them.

  4. I think the headlights do need to get larger, more square. Their height and upswept edge look out of place and proportion with the current grille…which I think needs to be smaller. So bigger headlights AND bigger grille are not something I'm looking forward to.

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