2022 Mercedes C-Class: a smaller S-Class. Again…

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In these new spy shots of the redesigned Mercedes C-Class sedan, the link with the new S-Class is quite obvious. Which actually gives the smaller model a more classic and upscale feel. 
Even though, just like with the new S-Class, the whole glass area seems very similar to the current model (2nd pic)
The interior with its 2 screens (the console’s vertical screen is hidden in the above photo) is also very similar to the S-Class.
This is really strictly for Mercedes fans. The ones who keep buying the new models generation after generation. As it looks so close to what they have now, I can’t imagine this being attractive to people who were not interested in the current one.
I guess they sell enough of these and they don’t really care.
The coupe and convertible are, so far, not scheduled to return with the new generation. But the wagon might.
I drove a current-generation C-Class sedan for a few days while in Europe a few years ago. And I wasn’t really impressed. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s just not worth the high premium price they charge over many other good sedans out there these days. They don’t even have that super solid, vault like feel older German cars used to have.
Again, this is strictly for the fans… 

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  1. Vince –

    "They don't even have that super solid, fault like feel older German cars used to have."

    I think you probably meant "vault like feel."

  2. Semantics much? You can use any description you feel is appropriate. Let's not lean back on old cliches too much.

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