2022/23 Acura ZDX: maybe…

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This is not the first time I have heard about a 2nd generation Acura ZDX coming out.
The top picture is just an illustration (bottom is the 1st gen). But this does look completely wrong to me.
A new ZDX would surely adopt Acura’s current grille. Not something that looks like the NSX. 
The profile seems to be inspired by the current HR-V. Which would also be wrong, since the next-generation HR-V will abandon that swooping curve. 
Otherwise, I think a new ZDX would be a great idea for Acura. It could easily be based on the RDX. 
Even Infiniti is coming out soon with a QX55. 
I actually still like the “old” ZDX. A unique, and rather clean/simple design. Compared to the current busy, overdone stuff we see now…

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  1. The original ZDX might have flopped on the new car market, but I see them all over the place as used vehicles. I think they are sought after on the secondary market.

  2. I always liked the Acura ZDX, despite it not being the sales success that Acura had hoped for. I would love to see this attractive and very modern looking 2nd generation model come to fruition.

  3. Good Lord. The beak. The cats whiskers. The rear mirroring the back. Dave Marek's worst gift to Honda. It had good proportions and a cleanness but tacky add ons, including those "this is cheap" hidden rear door handles. They could never sell them for full price bcuz of that. That's why they sell at used (really lesser) prices.

  4. This isn’t a ZDX rendering. As described on other sites, this is a rendering of an NSX inspired crossover.

  5. The time might be right for the ZDX to make a comeback. Others brands are making similar vehicles & now that Acura is paying more attention to proportions and luxury features, they could have more success this time.

    My biggest concern is that Acura may not have the brand cache to sell anything above the MDX. Then again, if Infiniti can sell the QX80 ….

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