2022/23 Nissan Maxima: a wild guess…

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 Of course, this is just an illustration of what a next-generation Maxima could look like.

If it morphed into an EV. I have been saying for years Nissan should re-invent the Maxima as an electric sedan. And I think it is time. This year alone has seen many EV sedans from Chinese manufacturers. Most of them will not make it outside of China, but some actually might.

 A large electric hatchback sedan is th only way Nissan can keep the Maxima going for another generation and more. 

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  1. Would also be a great way for Nissan to finally get rid of that damn cvt. The only way I will ever consider a Nissan.

  2. Take a look at the IMs concept and add in some design elements from the Ariya. That's what the next Maxima will look like…maybe.

  3. Looks great! Strange that it ditches the V-Motion design language, but it needs further differentiation from the Altima. This is the way to do it. They should make it RWD again too.

  4. B beat me to it.

    I think the IMs Concept IS basically the next Maxima. Take the IMs design and make the usual production needed changes, i.e normal doors, mirrors, etc. IF they manage to keep the powertrain from the concept intact, Nissan really could proclaim the return of the 4 door sports car (4DSC). They could make the Maxima an EV flagship sedan. This would push the Maxima further upscale and really set it apart from the Altima.

    For those that don't know, I'll save you some google time. The IMs powertrain uses a dual electric motors setup with a 115kWh battery good for 483 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque while utilizing a high performance all wheel drive system and with an estimated range of 380 miles. Imagine a new Maxima with that kind of performance…..

  5. I sure hope it is, with Maxima being the longest running nameplate is the US this would definitely put it back in the game, and not butt heads with the Altima and Infiniti

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