All-new Genesis GV70: finally…

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So far, I think this is not disappointing at all. And was well worth the wait.
Even in that weird pink/rose color, the new Genesis SUV looks really good.
Same thing inside. Again, even in that strange “not for everyone” purple interior. It looks like Genesis found a way to design an original yet upscale interior.
(too bad they couldn’t figure out how to integrate the screen a bit better…)
The red one is obviously a sportier version. With a slightly revised interior. Including a different steering wheel design with leather/Alcantara seats.
No specs yet. But since it is based on the G70 platform, I would guess it would use the same engines as the sedan. Instead of the ones offered in the larger GV80/G80.
Its success in the US will depend largely on  pricing. Over here, its main competition will be the Lexus NX and Acura RDX. Which start at $37 500 and $ 38 200. You could also include the slow-selling Infiniti QX50 at $38 000.
(I don’t think German car buyers usually consider anything else. No matter how good foreign competition is. Which is too bad.)
Being brand new, I think Genesis should price the GV70 aggressively. Something like $36 000 would really go a long way to make sure the GV70 is a hit.
More very soon…

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  1. beautiful and unique. Love the interior design
    hope this is priced right and that Genesis spends some $$ on promoting the brand, including leasing incentives as cars in this class tend to be leased vs purchased

  2. I am still not liking the C-pillar and rear 1/4 window shape, but at least it makes it more unique. The interior design on the other hand could not be more perfect.

  3. That slightly smaller grill looks so much better. And they put a border on it at the top. Still needs to be about 10% smaller. The wheels on the Genesis SUVs remain ugly. That clean minimalist interior is world class.

  4. I agree about the grille. It is also much more rounded. Especially if you compare it to the GV80. Which is so square and huge.
    This i so much better…

  5. Curious about your oft stated notion that German car buyers won’t consider anything else. Doesn’t match up with our experience or our friends. Our previous cars were both German luxury models and now we have a Jeep and a Tesla. Wife’s prior car was a Mercedes, but before that a Lexus. Is there some data showing that German car buyers don’t go elsewhere?

  6. Wow, this looks great! This is essentially a Stinger Wagon to me. I wasn’t blown away by the spy pics but knew it would be different from the competition. This looks much better than I could have imagined!

  7. There's data showing that long term German customers stick to what they like and don't test value-add or innovative brands.

    I wouldn't put Lexus to MB to Tesla in that category.

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