Buick Encore GX test drive coming up.

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I just got a Buick Encore GX Essence-FWD for the week.

I will be taking a small camping trip with it in a couple of days. So far I have only driven around town. All I can say is that it is very quiet. And does have quite a smooth ride. It is a loaded version with a bunch of options for a total of almost $35 000. For some reason, CarPlay doesn’t seem to be wireless. (it was in the cheaper Chevrolet Trailblazer I was driving earlier)

As usual, I will try to answer any questions you might have…

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  1. Wireless carplay is going to be on the 2021 encore gx. The trailblazer debuted as a 2021 whereas the encore gx debuted as a 2020. So that's why. The infotainment was updated for the 2021 my across the gm lineup.

  2. Thanks! Good to know.

    Also, it is impossible to tell if my test car has the Bose stereo or not.. The Buick site says it should (included in one of the packages I have) But the window sticker I have doesn't say so…
    It is also not as loud as the unit in the Chevy. It is actually just not very loud at all, for some reason…

  3. Just for some more differences between the trailblazer and encore gx, a truly loaded encore gx has a good amount of features n/a on the trailblazer including:
    Rearview camera mirror
    Heads up display
    Dual zone climate
    Cabin ionizer
    Quiet tuning padding
    Front park sensors
    Parking assistant
    Integrated in-car alexa
    Heated steering wheel
    360 camera
    Rain sensor

  4. How does the drive feel compared to the Trailblazer? You stated that the TB’s road noise was pretty bad, but probably due to the tires. How does this compare? I still can’t believe these are in the mid 30s when just a few years ago, the much larger and more powerful LaCrosse was well equipped at $32k.

  5. it feels very different from the Trailblazer. Except for a few things, they don't seem related (although they are)

    I have not taken it on the freeway, but so far the cabin is super quiet wuth zero road noise. I know what you mean about the price.
    Things have gotten pretty crazy.

  6. The Bose was a rather rare $595 stand alone option on the encore gx. It would have little Bose symbols on the lower front door speakers if it had it. It likely doesn't have it.

    Another interesting thing is the encore gx while a shared platform with the trailblazer, has a slightly smaller panoramic roof due to the slanted roof line.

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