Cadillac CT4 V: test drive coming up…

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 Just got a new Cadillac CT4 V for a week.

I have only driven it a little bit around town so far. But I will try to answer any questions you might have.  So far, it is a very pleasant and fun to drive. The “Tour” mode is actually quite comfortable around town. 

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  1. I really like the CT-4 especially the interior. The CT-4V is even better. Cadillac enhanced the good points of the ATS, and reengineered and redesigned all the bad. I am just happy they kept the tried and true, great handling Alpha platform. The new smoother exterior styling is an improvement also.

  2. At 6'2" and thin, I thought the ATS was too cramped and narrow inside, despite the tiny steering wheel being too close to the dash. Is the CT4 any better? I can't imagine a black interior will make it feel roomy.

    The Big Wheel Craze is most annoying when you are forced into larger, bone-rattling wheels to get the better engine.

  3. I am only 5'11 and I can imagine how tight it would be for someone taller. The front space is fine. The rear seat is actually OK. ( I can sit behind myself with about an inch left)
    The interior of my test car is not black. But this is not a roomy car in general. It is more like a coupe with extra doors. It basically drives like a 4 door Camaro.
    The wheels are far from bone-rattling on the CT4. As you can adjust the suspension to a very comfortable level.

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