Fiat 500 3+1: that tiny 3rd door…

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I have to admit I thought this was a stupid idea when I first saw spy photos a few weeks ago. But, as someone had mentioned in the comments, this is actually great. And super practical.
The tiny rear suicide door is actually all you need to make access to the rear seat much more convenient.
A great take on an old idea. And of course, with the new fantastic Fiat 500 design, it looks great!
As previously mentioned, the all-new generation 500 is an EV only…      And not sold in the US

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  1. I would have rather seen the Veloster 3rd door as a suicide style compared to the traditional door design it ended up with. Wouldn't have disrupted the coupe like driver's side design nearly as much. My only real qualm when it comes to the Veloster N. Maybe the Kona N or Elantra N will look better, and more symmetrical.

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